Statistically Speaking…

The one thing that I did not know about going into the humanities, was how much numbers really do matter. Especially in a curatorial position, one does not just sit and ponder aesthetics all day. There are budgets, dimensions, attendance reports, spreadsheets etc. With that in mind, here is a post that has everything to do with numbers! (And a little bit of humble bragging…)

14 — Statistics in this post! (Meta…)
15 — Objects on display that are not in the Kienbusch Collection.
31 — Letters in “Carl Otto Kretzschmar von Kienbusch.”
36 — Objects that we updated the dimensions of.
37 — Objects that we updated the photography for.
43 — Published references to Kienbusch found this summer.
51 — Helmets in Gallery 246.
85 — Miles Kristine walked this summer.
136 — Views that this blog has had so far!!!
248 — The number of the gallery with the most objects in it (157 objects).
500 — Objects that were reviewed for accuracy.
999 — Cards in Bill Reid’s crossbow archive that were digitized and transcribed.
1,315 — Objects in the Kienbusch Collection.
5,670 — Miles Mackenzie commuted this summer.

Thanks for a great summer!

Thanks for a great summer!

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